Sl. # Subcommittee Name Purpose
1 President Advisory Subcommittee To guide the current President based on the past presidential experiences
2 Bhojpuri Connect+ Subcommittee 1. To connect with local Bhojpurians
2. To connect with other Bhojpuri or related organizations
3 Bhojpuri Angel Investors To encourage entrepreneurship in Bhojpuri society, providing guidance and connecting with investors
4 Bhojpuri Entrepreneurs To enhance collaboration among Bhojpuri entrepreneurs and help grow their businesses
5 Bhojpuri Investments To share our personal experiences about investments to enhance knowledge on investment successes and pitfalls
6 Bhojpuri Skills Development To develop skills in working Bhojpurians and enable them to grow in their respective organizations
7 Bhojpuri Events Management To help organize the various social events throughout the year
8 Hindi Language Promotion To organize events supporting the spread of Hindi within society
9 Bhojpuri Language Promotion 1. To organize basic Bhojpuri learning classes
2. To promote Bhojpuri content in various activities
10 Bhojpuri Fitness To improve health and overall wellbeing of Bhojpurians
11 Bhojpuri Social Welfare/Sewa To serve, participate and help in the local welfare programs like blood donations, old age homes support etc
12 Bhojpuri Youngsters To have a community of Bhojpuri youngsters in Singapore (with minimal mentoring from adult society members)
13 Bhojpuri Ladies To work on bringing more women in Bhojpuri leadership and future management committees
14 Technology Operations Management To manage and maintain all IT operations like website, domain, facebook page, online storage, mails, video conference etc